Founder in Spotlight

Throughout the past 35 years, Mr. Vijay Parsana has revolutionized the healthcare industry and improved the lives of countless people. With an unending passion for helping others, he founded Parsana in order to provide users with a holistic health solution that helps them promote optimal health and well-being. His research into ancient methods of wellness resulted in the invention of three revolutionary plates: the Acupressure Therapy Plate, Air Therapy Plate, and Stone Therapy Plate - all designed to dramatically improve physical health and emotional vitality. This dedicated philanthropist, spiritual philosopher, and health & fitness specialist is currently sharing his expertise in food, nutrition, and exercise so that future generations may benefit from his knowledge, just as this generation has been blessed with evidence-based solutions for improved mental and physical wellbeing.

Who We Are

For the past 35 years, Parsana Health Private Limited has been providing healthcare solutions to its customers with the highest levels of expertise and care. Mr. Vijay Parsana, the founder of Parsana Health, has dedicated himself to improving people's lives through Pioneer initiatives in tackling numerous health concerns. From pioneering in the fitness industry and managing 22 gyms in Ahmedabad, India for 19 years, to advancing naturopathic therapies—a combination of age-old Indian scientific techniques used for curing patients—Parsana continues to be a respected name throughout the health industry that customers can rely on for reliable service and support. Their ground-breaking home solution has proven highly successful in improving physical and mental health, proving their commitment to bettering the lives of their customers.    

What drives us

Obesity, arthritis, stress, and fatigue are some of the many issues that people face due to their increasingly fast-paced lives. The body's internal functioning system is severely affected by a lack of self-care with increased risk of back pain, joint pain, neck pain, stress, indigestion, and more. In addition to physical ailments, it can also have an adverse effect on a person’s overall mental health and digestion if left unchecked. To help address these issues as well as improve people’s mental and physical well-being, Mr. Vijay Parsana founded Parsana after 12 years of research in this field. His findings led him to develop the revolutionary therapy plate which assists those in need to perform 15-minute exercises twice a day from the comfort of their home for improved circulation, durability, and strength – all necessary for a long successful life.

Our Impact

Parsana Plates have made a tremendous impact in our nation with individuals of all ages seeking improvement in their physical and mental health. People of all ages testify to the Plate's effectiveness in providing considerable relief from a multitude of medical conditions - ranging from obesity, indigestion, insomnia, and diabetes to impaired vision and depression. This is no small feat since no medication or pills are ingested, nor do the plates affect any ongoing medical treatment. Its nurturing properties are making it known as the 'Magical Plate', astonishing people with its natural healing virtues that enable them to feel refreshed and uplifted without exhibiting any side effects. Our reputation was designed based on our ability to provide reliable home care solutions through the use of these topical plates, allowing individuals across the nation to maintain their health comfortably in the convenience of their own homes. our product have been scientifically proven to provide lasting relief from pain as natural remedy. We take great pride in the fact that we are trusted by ADANI GROUP, BRAHMA KUMARIS, KIRAN JEWELS & PUNISHKA HEALTHCARE for our reliable quality of healthcare delivery. Through this breakthrough innovation in medical technology, we hope to give people all over the nation better access to safe and affordable solution for their pain. We strive to be an agent of positive change in the world and make invaluable contributions to health and wellness. Our aim is to improve lives with every product we develop and deliver.